Pricing for Services

 The following prices for services are effective November 1, 2020:

Service: Price:
Resale Package $275.00
Condo Questionnaire, without budget $85.00
Condo Questionnaire, with budget $100.00
Condo Questionnaire, with budget and Bylaws $125.00
Transfer Fee $35.00
Fee to Join In-Unit Service $75.00
Clubhouse Rental $150.00

The following prices apply to Products, effective December 1, 2020:
Product: Price:
Light Bulbs (Interior, Exterior) $5.00
Air filters $4.00
Section I A/C Fuse Replacement $35.00
Mailbox Lock Replacement $35.00
Storage Room Key Replacement $10.00
Activity Card Replacement $8.00
Budget Copy $8.00

The following are the rates applied to services, effective December 1, 2020:
Service: Rate:
In-Unit Service $75.00/hr
Emergency Service, After-Hours $112.50/hr

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