The Management staff is responsible for implementing and enforcing all policies and procedures established by the Board of Directors.

The General Manager, Tris Thomas, is responsible for the on-site administration and physical operation of the property, and directs the on-site staff. 

The office staff is responsible for office operations, budgeting and financial accounting, coordination between departments, and customer service, as well as overall administration of Association activities. The office staff consists of:

The Facilities Director, Phil Buscher, is responsible for the on-site operations. The Engineering Department is responsible for the operation, upkeep, and preservation of the mechanical, energy, plumbing, heating, and a/c systems. The Maintenance Department is responsible for the upkeep, maintenance, and preservation of the buildings and grounds. Under Phil’s supervision are:

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  • Darrell Hawkins, Engineering Supervisor
  • Lewis Parks, Engineer Technician                                                        
  • Hayes Frazier, Building Supervisor                                   
  • Aldo Mesa, Maintenance Technician      
  • Miguel Salinas, Maintenance Technician
  • Yoryin Perez-Pitis, Maintenance Technician
  • Alex Fulcar, Maintenance Technician
  • Humberto Diaz, Cleaning Supervisor                                  
  • Orbelina Amaya, Hallway Cleaner                                         
  • Placilda Montero, Hallway Cleaner
  • Beverly Parada, Hallway Cleaner
  • Aridia Valdez, Hallway Cleaner  
  • Sandy Diaz, In-Unit Lead Technician                                      
  • John Walters, Grounds Supervisor                                  
  • Erickson Fulcar, Groundsman                              

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