Architectural Control

Article V, Section 15, of the Bylaws states that no unit owner shall make any structural additions, alterations, or improvements in his or her unit or any alterations or improvements in any mechanical, electrical, plumbing, or other systems without prior written consent from the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) or the Board of Directors.  In addition, no unit owner shall paint or alter the exterior of his or her unit, including doors and windows, without prior written consent from the ACC or the Board of Directors.

If you are considering making any changes to your unit, you must follow these steps:

  • Consult Appendix A "Guidelines for Parkside Owners Requesting Unit Alterations" for information on types of changes that are prohibited and/or require approval.
  • If your change requires approval, print and complete the Architectural Change Request Form
  • Submit the form with any applicable permits, plans, and contractor insurance information to the Management Office in care of the ACC.
  • The Management Office will forward all paperwork to the ACC for consideration.
  • The ACC has a maximum of 60 days to consider the request or it will be automatically approved, however most requests do not take this length of time.
  • Once the committee has made a decision they will respond, in writing, to the unit owner.
  • When the work is completed the owner must notify the Management Office to arrange a close out inspection of the work performed.
  • Upon the completion of a successful inspection, a Certificate of Compliance will be issued to the unit owner.

If you have any questions regarding architectural changes, please contact the office.

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