Q. How do I pay my condominium fee?

There are four options for paying your condo fee:

Mail your payment to the Union Bank lock box.

Use your bank's bill pay system to send payment.

Use the SmartStreet system to make an online one-time or recurring payment at hoabankservices.com

Enroll in the Direct Debit system through Parkside Condominium by filling out and returning the Direct Debit Enrollment Form to the office.  You will need to send a voided check with your enrollment form so that we can process the application.

For making payments via mail or bill pay service, checks should be made out to Parkside Condominium and payment should be sent to:

Parkside Condominium
PO Box 105007
Atlanta GA 30348-5007

Q: What is my account number for paying my condo fee?

Your account number follows the following pattern:


S is your section number, 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 corresponding to the 5 sections of Parkside Condominium (see below on how to find your section)

BBB is your street address, omitting the "10" in the street address.  For instance, "10520 Montrose" would be "520"

UUU is the three-digit unit number.  For ground-level units (1, 2, 3, 4), the number would include two leading 0's (2 becomes 002).  "A" units (2A, 3A) would have one leading 0 (02A, 03A)

Q. How can I get a parking permit?

Upon purchasing or renting a unit at Parkside, residents (owners and renters) are required to register with the Management Office.  Parking permits are issued (free of charge) to residents during the registration process.  Guests may obtain a temporary parking pass in the Management Office during business hours.

Please refer to the Parking Regulations section of this site for a full explanation of the parking regulations.

Q. Who should I call if my vehicle has been towed or ticketed?

If your vehicle has been towed, please contact Grace Towing at 240-477-7191.  If you received a citation from Montgomery County, please call the number provided on the citation.

Reminder: Staff performs parking lot enforcement on a routine rotating basis. Illegally parked vehicles in the parking lots WILL BE TOWED without warning.

Please refer to the Parking Regulations section of this site for a full explanation of the parking regulations.

Q. What is the Master Insurance deductible?

Effective September 1, 2020, the Condominium Master Insurance deductible was raised to $10,000.  Homeowners should ensure that their HO-6 policies reflect at least this level of coverage.  For more information, please see this letter from our insurance carrier, here.

Q.  How should I request maintenance repairs within my unit?

Owners who belong to the In-Unit Service Program may print, fill out, and submit an In-Unit Work Request Form to the Management Office.  Reminder:  Work requests will only be accepted from the owner. 

Owners who do not belong to the program are responsible for contacting a contractor or repair service.

Please refer to the In-Unit Service section of this site for more information on the program.

Q.  How should I request common area maintenance?

Residents should contact the Management Office to report maintenace issues within a common area (i.e. light bulb out, need for pruning, cleaning etc.).

Q. How should I register a concern, complaint, or suggestion?

All concerns, complaints, or suggestions must be submitted in writing to the Management Office.

Q. Whom should I call to report a security incident or suspicious activity?

If you witness a crime or see any suspicious activity, you should call Montgomery County Police immediately (9-1-1 for a crime in progress or a clear threat of danger, and 301-279-8000 for suspicious activity but no apparent immediate danger). 

Please report all security incidents to the Management Office, during business hours.  You may also print, fill out, and submit a Security Incident Report to the Management Office.

Q. May I plant a garden outside my unit?

Residents may plant private gardens, adjacent to their patio, in the rear of the building, providing permission is requested and approved by the Management Office.  For more information please refer to the Private Garden Guidelines.  Submit the completed application to the office for consideration.

Q. Whom should I call to volunteer as a committee member?

If you would like to serve on a committee please print, fill out, and submit a Committee Sign-up Form to the Management Office.

Q. Are pets allowed at Parkside?

No.  Parkside’s “no pet” policy was incorporated in the Association's Bylaws when the Association was formed (1981).  To date, three attempts to amend the no-pet Bylaw have failed by wide margins.  The policy is strictly enforced.

Visiting pets are also prohibited.

Q. How can I get a replacement key for my mailbox or storage room?

Mailbox keys cannot be duplicated.  If your key is lost or stolen residents may request a new mailbox lock in the Management Office.   The replacement cost is $35.00 and two new keys will be delivered to the unit within 2 business days.

Storage room keys can be ordered from the main office for $10.00.  If your key is lost or stolen residents may request a replacement storage room key by contacting the Management Office.  The replacement key will be delivered to the unit within 2 business days.

Q. May I have a UPS or FedEx package delivered to me at the management office?

No.  Unfortunately, the Management Office does not have enough space to accept mail or packages for residents.

Q. How can I get a replacement laundry card?

Residents may purchase a new card, for $10.00, through the Add-Value stations on the porch of the Management Office, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  These cards include a $5.00 credit.

Defective laundry cards may be mailed back to Scheffres for a refund of any value left on the card or any money lost through the Add-Value station.

Q.  May I install a washer or dryer in my unit?

No.  The plumbing lines throughout Parkside are not constructed to handle privately owned laundry equipment.  Therefore, privately owned washers or dryers are not allowed in the units.

Q. May I bring guests to the swimming pool?

Guests are welcome at the swimming pool, accompanied by a Parkside resident with a current activity card.  The guest fees are:
$6 for adults and $4 for children (Guest passes sold in the Management Office)

Q. How can I get information about the Association’s insurance policy?

Residents may request a copy of the master insurance certificate from the management office or by visiting the website of the Association’s insurance agency at www.manougianinsurance.com or by emailing their name and address to certificate@jgsinsurance.com

Q. Who should I call if I smell gas in my unit or in the building?

Residents who smell natural gas should first call Washington Gas at 703-750-1400 and then Parkside's emergency number at 301-493-5100 (after business hours, please select option "7")

Q. Do I need permission to remodel my unit?

Sometimes.  Structural changes to the unit, including plumbing additions or electrical changes, require approval from the Architectural Control Committee.  For detailed information on the procedures please visit the Architectural Control section of this site.

Approval is not required for remodeling or the replacement of cabinetry, fixtures, flooring, or appliances, as long as, no structural changes are being made.

Q. What do I need to do in preparation for selling my unit?

Unit owners who plan to sell their units must obtain a resale package from the Management Office.  This is a requirement of the Maryland Condominium Act.  Please print, fill out, and submit a Resale Package Form along with the fee of $275.00 to the Management Office.  Resale package requests take five to seven business days to complete.  An inspection of the unit is required.

Note: Owners should make sure that their condominium fees and In-Unit Service payments are current and should remember to terminate their direct debit authorization.

Q.  Does Parkside accept credit cards?

No.  Parkside is not set up to accept credit cards at this time.

Q.  What section do I live in?

To find out what section you live in please review the Building Section List.

Q.  What if I am locked out of my unit?

During business hours:  You may come to the Management Office to get the emergency set of keys.  IMPORTANT NOTE: This is not available during the COVID Pandemic due to the office being closed to walk-in service.

After business hours:  There is no after-hours lockout service--UNLESS any situation left unattended would result in bodily harm or property damage (unattended food cooking on the stove or a child is locked INSIDE a unit alone, etc.).  If personnel respond and find no emergency, there will be a $150 charge due upon entry.

Q: When will the AC/heat be turned on?

When seasons change, conversion to heat or air conditioning may vary and is based on the long-range weather forecasts.  Approximate conversion dates are:
May 5-10th - Air Conditioning turned ON, Heat turned OFF
October 5-10th - Heat turned ON, Air Conditioning turned OFF

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