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Entrance Sign Options
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At the July Board Meeting, the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) was tasked with determining a replacement option for the sign at the intersection of Tuckerman Lane and Montrose Avenue, seen below from a photo from Google Streetview:

Existing Sign at Tuckerman Lane and Montrose Avenue

The ACC determined three options for replacement signs at this location:

Sign Option 1
Option 1:  The tree logo on the left and words PARKSIDE Condominium on two lines to the right to fit in the rectangular format of the existing signs.

Sign Option 2
Option 2:  Change the sign to the letterhead logo with the sign having a half-moon shape above the rectangular body of the sign.

Option 3
Option 3:  Use the font and appropriate point size to fill the rectangular body of the sign.

For all options, the logo and lettering would be in forest green with a "buff" or neutral background.

If you have thoughts to share on the design options, you can click here to send a message to the Management Office: Email Parkside.

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