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Pay Your Condo Fee
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For your convenience, Parkside Condominium offers several options for paying your condominium fees:

  • Make payment via check by sending payment to our lockbox.
  • Make payments via your bank's billpay service.
  • Make payments via Pacific Western Bank's SmartStreet service.
  • Enroll in the Direct Debit program to have your condominium fees withdrawn automaticall.

Paying via Check or Bill-Pay
Individuals wishing to pay via check or using their bank's billpay service should use the following address:
Parkside Condominium
P.O. Box 105007
Atlanta GA 30348-5007
Please be sure to reference either your Parkside address or your Parkside account number on your payment.  Your parkside account number is 01SBBB UUU 01 where S is your section number, BBB are the last three digits of your building number (for instance, 10520 would be 520), and UUU is the three-digit unit number (M1, W1, K1 would be 001, M1A and W1A would be 01A).  You can check your section by going to this page.

Paying via SmartStreet
Starting October 1, 2020, Parkside Condominium will return to using Pacific Western Bank's SmartStreet Service.  Owners interested in enrolling in the automatic debit arrangement can obtain the enrollment or cancellation forms from the Forms page of the website.

When you pay your condominium fee online all fees and instructions associated with the payment are the requirements of the bank.

  • You may use your Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express (for a one-time payment), however, there is a $14.95 convenience fee charged when you use your credit card.  The amount your credit card is charged displays when you select that method of payment.  Please allow up to 3 business days for credit card payments to post to your account.   
  • The E-Check is a self initiated debit from your checking account.  You determine the number of reoccurring payments and the date.  There is no fee associated with an E-Check.
  • After you leave this site to pay your condo fee you will be asked to enter the association name.  Enter Council of Unit Owners of Parkside Condominium, click the find button, and select the Association from the drop down box.  Proceed with online payment by entering all of the required fields.

You will need your Parkside account number to use the SmartStreet system, which is described above. 
If you are ready to pay online, access 
NOTE: If you have previously used the UnionBank SmartStreet system, this system is the same and all of your account information remains the same.

Paying via Direct Debit
Direct debit payments are withdrawn from your bank account automatically on the first of the month.  To enroll in the direct debit program, fill out and return this form to the office with a voided check. Direct Debit Enrollment Form

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