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Meet the Council Member
Residents will have the opportunity to meet the Montgomery County District 4 Councilmember, Kate Stewart, at an event in the South Clubhouse on Thursday, September 21st.  The event will start at 6:30 PM and also be available on Zoom.  The link to the event is here:

Landscape and Grounds Stormwater Presentation
At the August Board Meeting, the Landscape and Grounds Committee made a presentation on stormwater management.  The PDF of the presentation is presented here for those who were unable to attend the meeting.  The link is here: Stormwater Presentation.

Notice: Painting of Building Exterior Trim
As part of our ongoing maintenance program, the exterior trim of all buildings will be painted beginning August 28, 2023.  The general areas that will be painted are as follows:  all gable ends, rake boards, outside entrance doors, private entrance doors and screen doors, windows (new windows excluded), balcony door frames, balcony railings, porticos, and walkway rails.  The project will continue for approximately three (3) months or until completed, weather permitting.
Important information:
  • If you have new windows, they will not be painted.
  • Painters will be accessing the buildings with ladders.  Therefore, during business hours, to ensure your privacy ALL residents should keep their blinds/curtains closed.
  • Balcony furniture may be left on the balcony.  However fragile or breakable items should be removed from the balcony or patio during the project.  Also, all items on the balcony railings MUST be removed.
Your patience during this time will be greatly appreciated.

Notice to Parkside Owners of Proposed Rule Adoption for Receipt of Private Board Email
The Board of Directors have discussed at several Board meetings establishing a Board email address that is independent of the Management Server.  The set up and management of the would be under the direction of the IT contractor.
Such a change requires notification of all owners followed by a 15-day period to respond or make any inqueries.  Following the 15-day period, a notice of at least 10 days prior to the Board meeting where the final approvial will occur is required.

Please see this PDF for further information.
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